Trident Studios 1968-1981

A little bit of history...


In March, 1968, Norman Sheffield opened a ground-breaking, new recording facility in London’s Soho with his brother Barry. For the next 15 years, Trident Studios, was at the epicentre of the music industry, recording some of the era’s greatest artists, from The Beatles and David Bowie to Elton John, Carly Simon, Joe Cocker and Genesis.

Artists were drawn to te studio due to its relaxed vibe and ability to be creative while surrounded by the latest technology and superior producers and engineers.

“This was very high tech for its time”.

David Bowie

Trident was THE studio.

Carly Simon

“Trident was the most important singular studio in the world”.

Harry Nilsson

Trident grew quickly and by 1972, Trident was developing their own talent, including a raw and demanding four-piece band called called Smile. Trident saw the potential in this new act and at a meeting with Trident they announced they had decided on a new name. Queen.

Turn the clocks forward three albums and hit singles, the volatile relationship between the band and Trident ended in an acrimonious split with their volatile leader Freddie Mercury who famously dedicated a song to Norman:’ Death On Two Legs.’


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